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Season Preview
The Oilers are ready to get the 2011 season poppin'. Inspired by the 1990 Oiler team that won the EFL Championship, the Oilers are motivated and determined the bring the championship back to Randolph.

Easy links:
2011 Schedule
2011 Roster
* Directions
* Contact info -- for players interested in joining the Oilers, or anyone who is interested in volunterring to help out on game days.
* "We Are Family"  - photos of Fans / Friends / Family
Good times postgame at the VFW

Game Results:

* Game One.   June 25th vs Middleboro. Lost 35-6. Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Two.  July 9th vs the Quincy Militia. Oilers won 28-6.   
Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Three.  July 15th vs the Taunton Gladiators. Oilers lost 33-23.   Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Four.  July 22nd vs the Baystate (Brockton) Bucs. Oilers lost 14-0.  Click here 
for recap and photos.

* Game Five.  August 6th vs the Cobras. Oilers lost 26-0.  Click here  
for recap and photos.

* Game Six.  August 13th vs the Seminoles. The Oilers won 36-0.   Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Seven.  August 19th vs the Gladiators. The Oilers  lost 28-6.   Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Eight.  August 26th vs the Bucs.  The Oilers lost.   Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Nine.  September 3rd vs the Militia.  The Oilers  won 26-21.   Click here for recap and photos.

* Game Ten.  September 18th vs the Knights.  The Oilers won 35-6.   Click here for recap and photos.


Season Recap:  click here.



2011 Season Kickoff Party 
May 2011.
The season kickoff was held in May to get the season off on a good note, special guests in attendance included some members of the 1990 Championship team.

The current Oiler players were honored to have in attendance some of the legendary players from the 1990 Championship squad- including Jay McGee, Bubba "No One Meanna" Pina, Arthur Cohen, and Leo Cooney.

A great time was had by all. Please
click here for pictures from the event.

Annual Pasta Dinner / Rookie idol. -
June 24, 2011.
As per the tradition, after the last practice before the first game, the team met at the VFW for a pasta feast and to see the rookies perform songs on stage.  Please
click here  for pictures from the event.   

Home Field Update
April 2011.
The Town of Randolph has generously approved $3 million in funds to add a new top of the line filed, stands, and tarck to the high school. While the improvements are underway this summer, the Oilers will play the majority of their regular season home games at an alternate location. More details to follow...

Thoughts and prayers to Anthony "Nellie" Goss.

The Oilers send their thoughts and prayers to our friend and teammate Anthony "Nellie" Goss, who suffered a severly broken jaw in an accidental collision in practice on Tuesday night.
Anthony, a 1st year Oiler had won over his teammates with his dedication, contagious smile, sense of humor, and strong performance on the field. In his first game as an Oiler, Nellie had an exceptional game, as a lock-down corner vs Middleboro. 

Anthony had already begun to establish himself as one of the most promising young cornerbacks in the EFL, combining a mixture of speed, smarts, athletic ability, and toughness.  Despite his impressive physical gifts, it is Anthony's personality that has endeared him to his teammates and coaches.  He's truely one of the most likeable members of the Oiler orghanization.

A week earlier, Anthony was the highlight of Rookie Idol (the annual performance where Oiler rookies have to get on stage and sing in front of the veterans and coaches after the last practice before the first game). Anthong left the stage to a standing ovation from the veterans after performing a sampling of songs by the "the other" Nellie.

Anthony preparing to conjure up his inner "Nellie" at Rookie Idol

Anthony is currently at Boston Medical Center (South End). Today (Thursday) he underwent major surgery to re-align his jaw bones and to insert a metal plate. He will be in the hospital for at least another day, as doctors make sure there are no infections, etc.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Anthony for a speedy recopvery. If you would like to reach oput to Anthiony directly and do not have his contact info, please e-mail us at:

Thoughts and prayers to Andre Wiggins

The Oilers send their thoughts and prayers to the family of Oiler runningback Andre Wiggins, whose aunt passed away unexpectedly this week. We're thinking of you 'Dre.....


Schedule News
June 2011.
The EFL has re-alligned the divisions for 2011. There are now 3 divisions, with 5 teams each.

The Oilers will be in a division with: Middleboro, Taunton, Brockton, and Quincy.

Teams will play each team within its division twice, and will play 4 non-division games vs a different division, for a total of 10 regular season games.

Thoughts and prayers to Akrobatik.
May 2011.
The Oilers send their thoughts and prayers to our friend and former Oiler Akrobatik, who suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

The local rapping legend and JAM'N 94.5  d-jay, and former Oiler running back is recovering after open heart surgery following his heart attack.  Please join us in sending our best wishes to Akro for a speedy recovery.


Best Wishes to Wolfpack:
April 2011.
The Randolph Oilers send their best wishes to current Oiler Steve "Wolfopack" Marinilli for a speedy recovery. Steve just underwent surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon.

Get well soon Wolfpack!!!

True Grit

Buddy at an Oiler game last season shortly after having major back surgery.

May 10, 2011

Sadly, the Oilers lost one of their greatest fans last night.  Legendary Oiler fan Robert "Buddy" Thompson, passed away at 9:30 p.m. from liver, kidney, and lung complications.

Last season Buddy, a former Marine, set the standard for loyalty, toughness, and devotion by being in the Randolph Oiler stands to watch his nephew play (Oiler co-captain T.D. Thompson)  a mere 8 days after undergoing major back surgery. 

Over the last 5-months as Bud battled serious health issues, doctors marveled at his resiliency, heart, and determination. He was a fighter, and you could never count him out. He astounded doctors as everytime they thought he had lost the battle, he would recover and be released from the hospital. Even though his body finally gave out last night, his big generous and loving heart never did. Buddy always put family first, and was the most loving, caring, and entertaining man you could ever meet.

If the 2011 Randolph Oilers can show the heart and courage of Buddy, and appreciate one another as a family the way Buddy valued family, then this will be a championship season for the Oilers.

We know Buddy will be looking down this season while he roots on his Oilers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this trying time.

Buddy will be missed

Please click here for pictures and more details of how this special man lived his life.


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