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Press Room

Press Coverage:   2008-2014


"Randolph Oilers set to kick off new Eastern Football League season"
(Randolph Herald. July 12, 2013)

"Randolph Oilers hungry for a win"
(Randolph Herald. August 7, 2013)

Randolph Oilers strike it rich"
(Randolph Herald. August 15, 2013)

"Randolph Oilers get drilled by Bucs"
(Randolph Herald. August 23, 2013)


"Randolph Oilers coach knew Dolphins assistant coach had it in him- Jim Turner "
(Randolph Herald. November 29, 2012)

Randolph Oilers get bitten by Cobras"
(Randolph Herald. August 22, 2012)

"Randolph Oilers run into Granite"
(Randolph Herald. August 27, 2012)

"Randolph Oilers look for third strike"
(Randolph herald. August 24, 2012)

"Randolph Oilers strike it rich, defeat Townies 14-8"
(Randolph Herald. July 16, 2012)

"Randolph Oilers to sport new look in 2012"
(Randolph Herald. June 27, 2012)

"Randolph Oiler’s gear up for season"
(Randolph Herald. June 13,  2012)

"Oilers crush Granite State"
(Randolph Herald. September 2011)

Oilers open with loss"
(Randolph Herald. June 30, 2011)

Randolph Oilers drill Militia"
(Randolph Herald. July 13, 2011)

"Oilers hit by Gladiators"
(Randolph Herald. July 19, 2011)

"Oilers Stalled by Bucs"
(Randolph Herald. July 26, 2011)

"Oilers bitten by Cobras"
(Randolph Herald. August 9, 2011)

"Oilers Romp Seminoles"
(Randolph Herald. August 16, 2011)

"Randolph Oilers dropped by Gladiators"
(Randolph Herald. August 24, 2011)

"Thompson outlasts Favre"
(Sports Illiztrated. March 2011 )

"Oilers look to strike paydirt in revamped EFL"
(Stoughton Journal. July 13, 2010 )

"Colby Gallagher and Will Price lead Oilers in victory over the Midcoast Falcons in Eastern Football League showdown"
(Randolph Herald. August 10, 2010)

"Oilers focus on finish, defeat Granite State"
(Randolph Herald. August 17, 2010)

Braintree defeat Randolph with fantastic finish"
(Gatehouse News Service. August 25, 2010)

"Randolph Oilers bounce back with close win over Hyde Park"
(August 30, 2010. Randolph Herald)

"Rest and Recovery"
(September 8, 2010. Randolph Herald)

"Randolph Oilers Qualify for the Playoffs"
(September 20, 2010. Randolph Herald)

"Mike Wright named EFL Comeback player of the Year"
(Press Release. October 25, 2010)

"EFL 2009 Preview"
(Patriot Ledger. July 8, 2009)

"Heart of Blue and Gold: John Carman"
(Randolph Herald. July 28, 2009)

"Semipro and semi-old, but with a football forty ’tude"
Entrerprise News. July 4, 2009)

"Canavan's late field goal lifts Oilers to victory over Gladiators"
(Randolph Herald. August 25, 2009)

"Semi-Tough: Defense propels Oilers past Hyde Park in playoffs, 27-21"
(Randolph Herald. October 14, 2009)

"Randolph players named to EFL All Star Team"
(Randolph Herald. October 15, 2009)

"Oilers, Militia relish their roles as playoff underdogs"
(Randolph Herald. October 16, 2009)

"Former Oiler great running back Jay McGee to be inducted into AFA Hall of Fame"
(Patriot Ledger. October 22, 2009)

"2008 EFL preview: 2 new teams added, Randolph poised to bounce back."
(Patriot Ledger. July 7, 2008)

Oilers edge Irish Blizzard in battle for 1st place."
(Worcester Telegraph & Gazette. August 12, 2008)

"Oilers thump Maine Black Bears in EFL Game"
(Bangor Daily News. September 9, 2008)

"Last things first, Oilers win late thanks to heroics from QB Matt Trainor
(Randolph Herald. September 16, 2008)

"2008 EFL All Stars Announced; Oilers have record 10 players selected"
(Press Release. October 2008)

"Randoilpoh Oiler great Tom Kirlis inducted into AFA Hall of Fame"
(Enterprise. December 12, 2008)

"Coach Penn named EFL Coach of the Year for second straight season"
(Press release. December 1, 2008)
"Oilers' Myers and Carroll win EFL MVP Awards"


"2007 Randolph Oiler Preview"
(Patriot Ledger. July 5, 2007)

Randolph falls in EFL Opener despitre solid running game"
(Patriot Ledger. July 7, 2007)

Oilers go back to drawing board"
(Patriot Ledger. August 28, 2007)

"2006 Randolph Oilers Preview; Oilers have extra incentive"
(Patriot Ledger. July 7, 2006)

Randolph & Myers roll in opener; Berg & Callahan duo wreak terror on opposing offense"
(Patriot Ledger. July 8, 2006)

Oilers pull out dramatic, last second victory."
(Patriot Ledger. July 11, 2005)

"Oilers playing for love of the game."         
(Patriot Ledger. July 5, 2005)

"The Myers-Callahan Connection"         
(Patriot Ledger. August 22, 2005)

Oilers blank R.I. behind stellar play from Myers, Thomas, Martell , & Stanton"
(Patriot Ledger. August 27, 2005)


"Randolph Oilers drop EFL opener to Marlboro"
(Patriot Ledger. June 26, 2004)

Oilers stuff former New England Patriot RB for thrilling victory."  
(Patriot Ledger. July 13, 2004)

"Oilers fall to Brockton 28-7
(Patriot Ledger. July 19, 2004)

"Oilers fall despite solid game from QB Ryan Myers"
(Patriot Ledger. August 28, 2004)

"Myers & Gaudette help Randolph Oilers win again"    (Patriot Ledger. September 4, 2004) 

"Playing for the Oilers is a family affair- Kevin and Joe the latest Callahans to play for the Randolph Oilers"
(Boston Globe. July 10, 2003) 

"Football’s boys of summer;  Beefed up Oilers are pumped for season."
(Patriot Ledger, July 12, 2003)

"In their 30th season, Randolph Oilers bounce back"
(Patriot Ledger. July 31, 2003)

"Anthony Comer & Mike Green help Oilers win after fast start." 
(Patriot Ledger, August 18, 2003)

"Oilers crush Townies, 24-6"
(Patriot Ledger. August 23, 2003)

Locally-based comedian Gates is straight man in the community."
(Bay State Banner. September 25, 2003)

2002 Randolph Oilers Schedule

2002 EFL Teams

Love of the game; Out of the limelight, Granite, Oilers set to kickoff."
(Patriot Ledger. July 12, 2002)

Peter O'Kane bounces back into the heart of Randolph Oilers."
(Boston Globe. August 22, 2002) 

"Expectations are high for Oilers"
(Randolph Enterprise July 11, 2001

"Oilers win EFL Opener 13-8 over RI
(Patriot Ledger. August 2002)

"Oilers defense makes opening statement, in 13-8 win over RI"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2002)

"Quincy bends, doesnt break vs Randolph, wins 14-12 (game 2 of season)"
(Patriot Ledger. July 2002)

"Randolph  (1-2) falls short to to Roxbury, 20-15"
(Patriot Ledger. August 2002)

"Roxbury holds off Randolph (1-2), despite two INT's by Mark Royster"
(Brockton Enterprise August 2002)

"Granite wastes no time with Oilers (1-3), 42-6"
(Patriot Ledger.  August 5, 2002

"Oilers (1-3) no match for Granite, 42-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2002)

"Roxbury hold off Oilers, 20-15"
(unidentified article)

"Middelboro tops Oilers (1-1), 48-35
(unidentified article)

"Lunch pail football: EFL players compete for love of the game"
(Patriot Ledger.)

Love of the game:  Out of the limelight Granite, Oilers set to kickoff"
(Patriot Ledger. )

Middelboro tops Oilers (1-1) despite 5 tds from Comer"
(Brockton Enterprise.)


Local squad provides a stage for NFL Dreams, ex-BC Player Anthony Comer now stars for Randolph Oilers
(Boston Globe. August 5, 2001) 

"2001 Randolph Oiler Preview"
(Brockton Enterprise July 2001

"Oilers defense makes an opening statement, defeat RI 13-8 in opener"
(Brockton Enterprise July 2001)

"Granite stones Oilers, 19-14"
(Brockton Enterprise August 2001)

"Randolph Oilers clinch spot in EFL playoffs, defeat RI Prowlers 27-14 "
(Brockton Enterprise.  August 25, 2001)

"Randolph runs by Hyannis 19-6"
(Patriot Ledger. September 1, 2001)

"Bragging rights on the line in EFL Matchup"
(Patriot Ledger. August 31, 2001)

"Oilers triumph, defeat Hyannis, 19-6
(Patriot Ledger. September 1, 2001)

"Oilers,Cobras set as EFL PLayoffs set to kickoff"
(Brockton  Enterprise. September 27, 2001)

"Local Squad provides a stage for NFL Dreams (Anthony Comer)
(Brockton Enterprise Globe.  2001)

"Afer 8 false starts finally a grand opening for Randolph"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001)

"Comer leads Oilers (2-1) past Townies, 25-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001)

Oilers (2-1) expel Townies 25-6"
Patriot Ledger. August 2001)

Oilers (3-1) roll to win over RI, 13-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 2001

Oilers (3-1) ground out EFL win in RI, 13-6"
(unidentified article)

Granite, Oilers (3-1), rolling in EFL"
(Patriot Ledger. )

"Local EFL Rivals roll toward match. Randolph (4-1) vs Quincy (5-0)"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2001)

"Oilers (3-1) set to battle Granite
(Patriot Ledger. August 2001)

Oilers (4-2) grind out a win over RI, 27-14"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 2001

"2000 Sportsman of the Year: Peter O'Kane
(Boston Globe. December 4, 2000) 

"Married to the EFL" (Marge O'Kane)
(Brockton Enterprise. August 8, 2000)

"An EFL Brother Act - Ed, Jerome, & Sam Penn"   (Brockton Enterprise. August 18, 2000)




1998 EFL Schedule

"Blood, sweat, and cheers keep them playing
(Boston Globe. July 12, 1998)

"New head coach Ed Penn: He's ready to step up"
(Patriot Ledger. July 9,

"1998 EFL Preview"
(Patriot Ledger. July 9,

"Role Players-From model to psychologist, Oilers boast team of many trades"
(Patriot Ledger. July 9, 1998)

"Randolph Oilers turn it around, win opener, 28-3 over Wolfpack"
(Patriot Ledger. July 20, 1998)

"Randolph Oilers: Ed Penn takes over as head coach
(Boston Globe. Julne 28, 1998)

"Warriors defense key to victory over Oilers"
Nashua Telegraph. 1997)


Randolph Oilers named to EFL All Star Team
(Boston Globe. November 16, 1996) 


Coaching for the Randolph Oilers is a family affair"
(Boston Globe. July 9, 1995)

"Statistically the Oilers are making a mark"
(Boston Globe. August 13, 1995)

"Oilers kick off '95 at breakfast"
(Boston Globe. January 22, 1995)

"Randolph's rookie head coach not afraid to think big- Killinger debuts by sending Oilers at league champs"
(Boston Globe. June 12, 1994)

"Peter O'Kane inducted into American Football Association Hall of Fame"
(Boston Globe. December 31, 1994)

"Mark Reale named by Boston Globe and EFL as the Comeback Player of the Year"
(Boston Globe. December 31, 1994)

"Pats hopeful and Ex-Randolph Oiler Lance Olberding has powerful inspiration"
(The Brockton Enterprise. May 12, 1993)


Randolph Oilers set sights on EFL Title"
(Boston Globe. July 5, 1992)

"Oilers' Olberding 'has shot' at NFL"
(Patriot Ledger. April 29, 1992)

"Oilers' Olberding could make EFL History"
(Brockton Enterprise. February 3, 1992

"Oilers' Olberding 7th bround pick of the Bengals"
(Brockton Enterprise. April 28, 1992


"Playing for the love of the game; EFL started back in 1961"
(Boston Globe. August 11, 1991) 

The powerful lure of Amateur Football; EFL thrives in the region"
(Boston Globe. August 18, 1991) 

"Swann clone suit up for the Randolph Oilers:  They're big, they're out of school and they have NFL tools"
(Boston Globe. July 12, 1991)

1991 Randolph Oilers Preview"
(Local Staff. 1991)

"Oilers set to defend crown
(Local Staff. 1991)

"EFL Set to Open Season"
(Randolph Enterprise. 1991)

"Randolph Oilers set to Defend Perfection"
(Patriote Ledger. 1991)

"Eastern Football League Season Begins with Randolph-Marlboro Showdown"
(Associated Press. 1991)

"Oilers open with loss to Marlboro"
(Patriot Ledger. 1991)

"Oilers look for first EFL Win in 1991"
(Patriot Ledger. 1991)

"Randolph falls to Marlboro in EFL Opener"
(The Enterprise. 1991)

"Oilers ready to Defend their Turf
(Local Staff. 1991)

"Oilers get on track, win 34-0 over Outlaws
(Local Staff. 1991)

"Oilers face tough test
(Patriot Ledger. 1991)

"Oilers fall short in Opener"
(Local paper. 1991)

"Oilers to host exhibition game
(The Enterprise. 1991)

"Oilers a diverse group
(Local Staff. 1991)

"Oilers post EFL win over Methuen
(Local paper. 1991)

"Oilers offense is hotter than weekend weather"
(Randolph Mariner. 1991)

"Long time between downs for Oilers
(Local paper. 1991)

"Cobras defeat Oilers"
(The Enterprise. 1991)

Weather comes out the winner of  Oilers-Cobras game"
(The Enterprise. 1991)

"Oilers out for two in a row
(Patriot Ledger. 1991)

"Oilers win with defense, special teams
(Patriot Ledger. August 12, 1991)

 "Randolph Oilers notch another win, defeat Rhode Island
(Local paper. 1991)

 "Victory over Marlboro lifts Oilers to 3-2
(Randolph Mariner. August 15, 1991)

"McGee's offensive display sparks Randolph
(The Sunday Enterprise. August 25, 1991)

 "Oilers shut out Charlestown Townies, 49-0
(Randolph Mariner. August 8, 1991)

 "Oilers edge Tigers in 17-16 nailbiter
(Patriot Ledger. 1991)

"Randolph Oilers Win First EFL Championship"
(Boston Globe. October 14, 1990)

"Randolph Oilers Rank 4th in National 1990 AFA Semi-Pro Football Rankings"
(November 1, 1990. American Football Association press release)

"4 Randolph Oilers named to AFA Semi-Pro Football 1990 All-American Team"
(November 19, 1990. American Football Association press release)

"1990 Randolph Oilers Season Preview"
(Press release. July 1990)

"Softspoken DJ revels in hard nosed play"
 (Boston Globe. September 3, 1989) 

"1989 National Semipro Football Rankings"
(Pro Football Weekly. September 3, 1989)

"Slick Oilers trump Townies"
(Randolph Mariner. August 3, 1989)

"Gritty gridders find home in the EFL with the Randolph Oilers"
(Boston Herald. July 30, 1989)

"Gridiron holds coach in lifelong grip (Bob Turner)"
(Boston Globe. August 1989)

"Jay McGee on the upswing"
(Randolph Mariner. August 9, 1989)

"Cobras defeat Randolph to advance to title game"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 1989)


"Randolph Oilers open season Friday"
(Randolph Enterprise. July 14, 1988)

"Bobby Witt paces Oilers win"
(Randolph Enterprise. July 16, 1988)

"Randolph Oilers prepare for Townies"
(Randolph Enterprise. July 28, 1988)

"Oilers win 2nd straight"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 4, 1988)

"Randolph belts Cape Cod, 47-6"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 6, 1988)

"Randolph faces a big test"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 11, 1988)

"Bobby Witt, Ron Cassford rally Randolph past Hyde Park, 13-7"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 13, 1988)

"Randolph Oilers nipped by Marlboro's late TD"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 22, 1988)

"Randolph, Middleboro cross powerful paths"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 25, 1988)

"Barrett, Middleboro defeat Randolph"
(Randolph Enterprise. August 27, 1988)

"Randolph defeated by Tri-Town"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 12, 1988)

"EFL playoff picture coming into focus"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 15, 1988)

"Oilers back on winning track"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 20, 1988)

"Randolph keeping eye on playoffs"
(Randolph Enterprise. October 1, 1988)

"Randolph loses to Charlestown"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 25, 1988)

"Cobras, Oilers meet again"
(Randolph Enterprise. September 29, 1988)

"Cobras control ball and game"
(Randolph Enterprise. October 1, 1988)

"Oilers getting ready for EFL Playoffs"
(Randolph Enterprise. October 1, 1988)

"Randolph, Middleboro ready for EFL battle"
(Brockton Enterprise. October 21, 1988)

"Middleboro snuffs Randolph in EFL Semi-final"
(Brockton Enterprise. October 23, 1988)

"Oilers offense hinges on new qb Bobby Witt"
 (Randolph Mariner. 1987) 

"Oilers football team sets trip to Ireland in April"
(Randolph Mariner. February 19, 1987)

"Oilers blank Cowboys in season opener, 14-0"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 7, 1987)

"Oilers get offensive score EFL come from behind win over Cobras,  25-14"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 24, 1987)
"Randolph seeks third win"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 30, 1987)

"Jay McGee's 3 scores carry Oilers past Bears.27-7"
(Brockton Enterprise. July 31, 1987)

"Oilers turn back Townies in  9-7 win"
(Brockton Enterprise.  August 8, 1987)

"Oilers and Cobras face Friday challenges"
(Brockton Eenterprise. August 13, 1987)

"Oilers slip past Tigers.17-13"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 15, 1987)

"Surprising Oilers look to go 6-0"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 21, 1987)

"Oilers (6-0) clip Rhinos to stay unbeaten, win 14-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 24, 1987)

"6-0 Randolph and Marlboro to meet in showdown"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 27, 1987)

"6-0 Randolph falls to Marlboro in EFL battle of unbeatens"
(Brockton Enterprise. August 28, 1987)

"Oilers enjoy leisurely weekend on Cape Cod, win 27-0"
(Brockton Enterprise. September 6, 1987)

"Randolph and Middleboro in battle for second"
(Brockton Enterprise. September 10, 1987)

"Randolph, Middleboro hope to finally get a chance to play football"
(Brockton Enterprise. September 25, 1987)

"Oilers keep title hopes alive"
(Brockton Enterprise. September 27, 1987)

"Randolph shoots for top of EFL Friday Night"
(Brockton Enterprise. October 1, 1987)

"Marboro shuts down McGee, Randolph.22-7"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Oilers face Cobras in EFL semifinal"
(Brockton Enterprise. October 8, 1987)

"Middleboro grinds its way to EFL championship, defeat Randolph 22-7"
(Brockton Enterprise. October 9, 1987)

"Purist's Delight---Randolph Oilers playing football for the love of the game"
(Patriot Ledger.   August 29, 1986)

"Oilers kickoff tomorrow against Middleboro.season preview"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1986)

"Oilers in spiritual victory, lose 28-10 to Marlboro"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1986)

"McGee leads Oilers to 1st victory of season (1-2),10-3 over Cape Cod."
(Brockton Enterprise. 1986)

"Oilers (0-2) strike empty well, bow to Albany 40-0"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1986)

"Oilers lose heartbreaker on 55 yard bomb, 20-13 vs Hyde Park"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1985)


"Oilers return to Randolph"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers break Cape Cod in Opener, 21-19"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers rattle Cobras for 2nd straight, win 24-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers set for home opener"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers (2-2) give Taunton its first EFL win, 19-6"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Albany scores late TD to take one from Oilers (3-5), 18-15"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"It's wait 'til next year for Oilers (3-6), loses 33-0 to Hyde Park"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers (3-5) bow to Albany, 18-15"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers (4-6) close out EFL season with a victory, 10-7 over RI"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"It takes true dedication to play in the EFL"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers make succesful return home, defeat Cape Cod 21-9"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Oilers to play exhibition tomorrow"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1984)

"Brockton Oilers open EFL Season with victory, 14-7 over Albany"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"EFL set to kick off another season"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Brockton Oilers open EFL Season with victory, 14-7 over Albany"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Reale's td lifts Cobras over Oilers, 7-3"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Oilers whipped 34-0 by Marlboro"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

1983.5."Horton-Beissner hook-up carries Oilers (2-3) to EFL win, 14-7 over Middleboro"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"EFL All Stars named"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Shamrocks too slick for Oilers (2-3), 40-13"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Oilers prevail, 14-7 over Middleboro"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"EFL All Stars"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)

"Cowboys rally by Oilers (2-6), 37-13."
(Brockton Enterprise. 1983)


"Will EFL be spawning ground for USFL?"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"Oiler air attack shot down by Marlboro, 33-7."
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"Unbeaten Cowboys blank Brockton Oilers., 18-0. "
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"EFL to expand to 7 teams in 1983"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"Cowboys run roughshod over Oilers, 24-0."
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"Oilers come up short at Marlboro, 20-15"
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)

"Brockton downs Taunton 22-8."
(Brockton Enterprise. 1982)







Please CLICK HERE for dozens of Oiler articles from 1975.


Year still to be determined (no date on newspaper clipping)

"Oilers roped and tied by Cowboys" (range: 1983-1986)

"O'Kane is optimistic despite pessimistic ending" (range: )

"Oilers prevail over Middleboro, 14-7" (Jay McGee)

Brockton Oilers sputter while offense stays on hold" (range: 1983-1986)

Randolph Oilers (3-4) thump punchless Breakers, 20-7"

"Brockton Oilers, Cobras look to find scoring punch
(Brockton Enterprise. 19__)

"Brockton Oilers sputter while offense stays on hold, lose 7-0 vs RI.(last game of season)"

"Cobras eliminate Oilers, advance to EFL Title game"
(Brockton Enterprise. 19__)

"Cobras and Oilers are on the road"
(Brockton Enterprise. 19__)

"Brockton Oilers whipped 34-0,  by Marlboro"
(Brockton Enterprise. 19__)

 "Cowboys rally past Brockton Oilers (2-6), 37-13."
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Footballers sought for English 11."

"Brockton Oilers start fast and don't look back, defeat Lynn 27-6".
(Brockton Enterprise)

"6-2 Brockton Oilers must win remaining games."
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Brockton Oilers (1-3) set to host Cobras"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Can the Brockton Oilers make a go of it?"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Warren Whalers whip Randolph Oilers, 31-0"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Brockton Oilers seek to end EFL slide"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Oilers make succesful return home to Randolph, with 21-9 victory over Cape Cod Breakers"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Cobras K.O. Randolph Oilers from EFL Playoffs, 31-14"
(Brockton Enterprise)

"Jay McGee still loves the game"
(Boston Globe)

 "Oilers (1-0) come together in Opener. Defeat Charlestown 35-12"
(Brockton Enterprise. July ___)
































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