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2007 Season Recap

2007 Season Recap

Regular Season Record:   0-10
Playoff results:

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Head Coach:
Ed Penn

Assistant Coaches:
Jon Gates
Al Lockhart
Jack Mitchell
Ron Myers

Charles Thomas
Mark "Bullet" Royster
Ryan Myers

Leading Passer:
Ryan Myers

Leading Rusher:
Charles Thomas

Leading Receiver:
Dan Carroll

Leading Tackler:
Melvin Rivera

Most Sacks:
Anthony "D-Block" Goodwyn

Most Interceptions:
Dan Carroll

Most Ferocious Hitter:
Jesse Barboza-Penn

Starting Offensive Line:
T.D. Thompson, Pete Hogan, John, Rhino, Sam Penn, Matt "Tree" Stokes

EFL All Stars:
Ryan Myers + (complete list still needed)

Season Recap:
The 2007 season was a season of perseverance and character......

Newspaper Articles:

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Team Picture

Front Row: Dan Carroll (24), Billy Mallory (58), Chris (44), Melvin Rivera  (25), Sam Penn (60), Matt Trainor (2), Eric Brown (6)

2nd Row: McGoo (18), Little Tuck (71), RI Guy Halton (61), "Rhino" Richardon (66), Mark Royster (11), Ryan Myers (7), Charles Thomas (34), Brooks Payne (3), John Carman- Equipment Manager

3rd Row: Peter O'Kane, Coach Penn, Pete Hogan (75), John (54), T.D. Thompson (77), Phil (97), Julio Paiva (52), Coach Gates, Anthony Goodwyn, John "5-0" Marquardt, Jimmy "Rugby" Flaherty (33) Marcus "Mighty Joe" Barrow (73), Tom Cruise, Coach Lockhart

Not pictured: Jesse Barboza-Penn,  , Matt "Tree" Stokes

More Photos:
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"Family, Friends, & Fun"





Defensive Line

Brooksy returning a kickoff

Oilers owner Peter O'Kane
Coach Lockhart

Pete Hogan- normally a starter on the offensive line- injured for the season finale
T.D. Thompson watching the Oiler defense
Eric Brown

Anthony Goodqyn blowing by one of the Twins in pursuit of the Boston QB 
   DE John Marquadt

Billy Mallory 

Dan Caroll
Brooks Payne 

Mark "Bullet" Royster




 Marcus "Mighty Joe" Barrow

Chris Tuck  

 Rhode Island John

Billy Mallory

John "5-0" Marquardt

  Jimmy "Rugby" Flaherty
Charles Thomas

Matt "Seinfeld" Trainor

Dan Carroll 

Peter O'Kane

Eric Brown

John Carman 

Coach Penn and Ryan Myers

Jimmy Flaherty 

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