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2006 Season Recap

2006 Season Recap

(note: we still need confirmation on some of the below info- if you were a member of the 2005 Oilers and can help provide any details, or have photos or articles to share, please e-mail us at: . Thank you!)

Regular Season Record:

Playoff results:

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Head Coach:
Ed Penn

Head Coach Ed Penn along with his brothers Sam & Jerome

Assistant Coaches:
Jon Gates - Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
Al Lockhart - Defensive Linne / Special teams
Sam Penn - Backs coach
Jack Mitchell - Offensive Line
Terry Branch-Assistant coach
Ron Myers- Defensivebacks

Equipment Manager:
John Carman

Jim Correnti

Charles Thomas
Mark "Bullet" Royster
Frank Gaudette
Jamie Hamilton
Larry Tagger
John O'Brien

Leading Passer:
Ryan Myers

QB Ryan Myers with all day to pass vs Marlboro

Leading Rushers:
Charles Thomas
Brooks Payne

Leading Receivers:
Andre Barboza-Penn
Chris Williams
Leading Tacklers:
John O'Brien
John Martel

Most Sacks:
Kevin Callahan

Most Interceptions:
Sam Pearson
Mark Royster

Starting Offensive Line:
Jamie Hamilton, Tom Deegan, T.D. Thompson, Dan Quinn, Sam Penn

EFL All Stars:
(if you know who made the all star team from this season, please e-mail us)

2006 Roster:

League Directory:
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Team Newsletter and Sponsorship Info:
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EFL Standings:

Press Coverage:

"2006 Randolph Oilers Preview; Oilers have extra incentive"
(Patriot Ledger. July 7, 2006)

Randolph & Myers roll in opener; Berg & Callahan duo wreak terror on opposing offense"
(Patriot Ledger. July 8, 2006)

QB Ryan Myers getting plenty of protection in the pocket vs the Boston Panthers  

CB Jay Gracia manning the secondary vs Marlboro




 #33 Jimmy "Rugby" Flaherty 

Oilers vs Marlboro







Brian Berg (#88) & Jimmy "Rugby" Flaherty (#33) vs Marlboro


The Oilers show their respect during a half-time ceremony at Middleboro


T.D. Thompson (77), Tom Hafferty (16), & Jamie Hamilton (75) 



QB Ryan Myers launching a pass vs Clinton

The loyal Oiler fans root on their team

Head Coach Ed Penn

 Charles Thomas (#34), Tom Deeghan (#61), T.D. Thompson (#77), and Brian Berg (#88) after an Oilers touchdown drive

Oilers vs Charlestown

#61, Captain Tom Deeghan
#33 Jimmy "Rugby" Flaherty shows his versatility by boomning a kickoff 


Trailing by 21 points at the half, tackle T.D. Thompson encourages a young fan (Cole Schmitz) to keep the faith. The Oilers came back and won on the final play of the game to clinch a playoff berth.

WR/KR Vinny Ventosi making a play vs Charlestown

Starting offensive linemen Dan Quinn (72), Pete Fitzpatrick (76), & T.D. Thompson (77) 


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