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1996. Season Recap

1996 Randolph Oilers

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Marge O'Kane:

General Manager:
Peter O'Kane

Head Coach:
Bob Turner

Assistant Coaches:
Fred Turner, Sr.
Ed Penn
Bill Turner
Jon Gates
I.J. Gorman

1996 Captains:
Jay McGee, Lorenzo Thompson, Ryan Craig, Larry Tagger, Dave Joyce, Ben Butler 

EFL All League Selections:
Jay McGee (running back), Larry Tagger (defensive end), Anthony Comer (special teams), Jerome Penn (offensive tackle), Jim Charis (offensive guard), Ron Jones (defensive back).

Al Casey-   EFL Rookie of the Year

Click here for full 1996 Oiler statistics (still needed).
Click here for full 1996 EFL statistics.

Leading Passer:
Chris Noble (623 yards, 5 tds)

Leading Rushers:
Jay McGee (97 carries, 443 yards, 4.5 yds/carry, 8 tds)

Leading Receiver:
Mike Lear (337 yds, 14.7 yds/reception, 3 tds)

Most Sacks:
Al Casey (8, 80 yds for loss) (2nd most in EFL)

Most Fumble Recoveries:
Larry Tagger (2) (tied for 2nd most in EFL)

Leading Kickoff Returner:
Dan Forman (14 returns for 238 yards, 17 yd avg)

Leading Punt Returner:
Ron Jones (9 returns for 113 yards, 12.6 yd avg, 1 td)

Leading Punter:
Anthony Comer (12 punts for 455 yards, 37.9 yd avg)


Click here for the official list of coaches and volunteers from the 1996 program.

Board of Directors:   Ed Nye, John Chobanian, John Horrigan, Bob Rodd, Bill St. Lawrence, Ed Rosoff, Ray Almeida, Jay Schultz, Ed Conley, Gerry Rumbos, Don Levy, Ed Penn,Bill Connolly, Bob Turner, Fred Turner, Peter O'Kane, Terry Branch
Trainer:  Kristina Catania
Announcer and Cable: Bill Roche and John Horrigan
Yearbook advertising: Clyde Ruprecht
Gameday Team:   Paul & Adam Greenfield, Brian & Joe Riesenback, Al Kaplan, Cindy Turner, Jake Dailey, Nellie Holmes, Matt Donohue, Mark Chobanian, Lee Rosoff, Fred Turner Jr., Paul Archer, Eric Davis, Skip Fletcher, David Bruning, Ginny Nye, Lori Toomey, JoAnn Barry, Ethel Schultz, Lita Maffet, Linda Hall, Gerry Covey, Louise Hatcher, John Bistowski, Tom Burke.

Newspaper Articles:

"Randolph Oilers named to EFL All Star Team"
(Boston Globe. November 16, 1996) 

1996 Oiler Yearbook
1996 EFL Annual Program
1996 Schedule
1996 Roster

1996 EFL Schedule:


(note: still need clarification on what year this picture was taken)
From L to R:  Tony Sirrico, Jon Gates, Bubba Pina, Paul Killinger, Billy Turner, George Murphy, Fred Turner, Peter O'Kane









Lorenzo Thompson


  QB Chris Noble 




Jim Akins

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