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1990. Season Recap

1990 Randolph Oilers
EFL Champions

Season Recap:
Led by a defense that amazingly only gave up more than 3 points in 3 regular season, a punishing running game, and an opportunistic and quick strike passing attack, The 1990 EFL Champion Oilers were one of the greatest teams in EFL history. 

The smothering Oilers defense gave up ZERO points in 5 of their 10 regular season games. For the season, the Oilers outscored their opponents by a remarkable 252-45 point margin.

The 1990 Oilers were not only the most talented squad in Oiler history, but perhaps also the most dedicated, unselfish, and hard working team in Randolph history. The 1990 Oilers set the standard for which all other Oiler teams will be measured.

Regular Season (10 Wins, 0 Losses):  
Week 1:  Randolph 35, Middleboro 0
Week 2: Randolph 34, Worcester 0
Week 3: Randolph 3, Hyde Park 2
Week 4:  Randolph 27, Charlestown 8
Week 5:  Randolph 36, Rhode Island 0
Week 6:  Randolph 27, Hockomock 0
Week 7:  Randolph 7, Marlboro 3
Week 8:  Randolph 21, Marlboro 18
Week 9:  Randolph 29, Worcester 0
Week 10:  Randolph 33, Charlestown 12

Playoff results:
Semi-Finals:       Randolph 28,  hhhh 3
Championship:  Randolph 21, Marlboro 20

Peter and Marge O'Kane

Marge O'Kane:

General Manager:
Peter O'Kane

Assistant General Manager:
Ed Nye, Sr.

Head Coach:
Bob Turner

Assistant Coaches:
Paul Killinger, Ed Penn (player-coach), Rick Rodman, Fred Turner, Howie Cheney, Jim Brodie, Frank Curtis

Bill Turner (DE), Sean Crowley (FB), Jay McGee (RB), Bubba Pina (LB), Ed Penn (OL), Tom Kirlis (LB)
Leading Passer:
Bobby Witt (1,055 yards, 16 tds, 10 int's)  ---  * 2nd in the EFL in yards, 1st in touchdowns
John Pina (158 yards, 2 tds, 3 int's)

Leading Rushers:
Mike Waithe (114 carries, 667 yards, 5.9 yds/carry, 8 tds)
Jay McGee (47 carries, 282 yards, 6.0 yds/carry, 5 tds

Leading Receiver:
Mark Harding (428 yds, 25.1 yds/reception, 8 tds) ---  * Led the EFL in yards and touchdowns.
R. Witt (379 yds, 25.3 yds/reception, 5 tds)
Ron Cassford (250, 16.7 yds/reception, 4 tds

Most Sacks:
Leo Cooney (7, 64 yds for loss) --- * tied for 4th most in EFL
Rick Santos (3, 30 yds for loss)
Three players tied with 2 sacks (Bubba Pina, Tom Kirlis, Bill Turner

Most Fumble Recoveries:
Bill Turner (2)
Shawn Dias (2)
7 players tied with 1 fumble recovery each (Santos, Jon Gatesa, Harte, Pina, Asack, Eaton, Locurto

Most Interceptions:
Tom Dennehey (4 int's, 23 return yards)  ---  * tied for 2nd most Int's in EFL
Tommy McLaughlin (2)
Sean Frazier (2)
Bubba Pina (2)
10 players tied with 1 interception each (Pagel, L. Pina, Dias, MacDonald, Cooney, Cohen, Gates, Hollins, Cesario, Adams

Leading Punt Returner:
Mark Harding (12 returns for 163 yards, 13.75 yd avg, 2 tds)  --- * 2nd in the EFL in return yardage, 1st in td's

Leading Kickoff Returner:
Gregg Martello (6 returns for 132 yards, 22 yd avg)

Leading Punter:
Ricky Witt (34 punts, 1,139 yards, 33.5 yd average)

Total Scoring:
Mark Harding (10 touchdowns- 8 receiving, 2 returns)  --  2nd most in EFL
Mike Waithe (9 touchdowns- 8 rushing, 1 receiving

EFL Players of the Week:
Week One Offensive Player of the Week:          Bobby Witt, QB
Week Six Defensive Player of the Week:           Bill Turner, DL
Week Seven Defensive Player of the Week:     Bill Turner, DL
Week 7: Offensive Player of the Week              John Pina, QB
Week 8 Defensive Player of the Week:             Leo Cooney, LB
Week 8 Offensive Player of the Week:             Ron Cassford

1990 EFL All League Selections & Awards

Quarterback:            Bobby Witt

Running Back         Mike Waithe

Wide Receiver         Mark Harding
Tight End:                        Ron Cassford 
Offensive Line:                John Boughner
Defensive Line:               Bill Turner
Defensive End:               Tom Kirlis
Defensive Back:             Tom McLaughlin

EFL Coach of The Year:        Bob Turner

EFL Defensive Player of the Year:    Bill Turner (#73)
EFL Comeback Player of the Year:    Bill Turner (#73)

EFL Championship Game Offensive MVP:  Bobby Witt (#11)

Team Scouts:                Tom Pileski, Ed Casabian, John Murphy
Business Managers:        John Cassford, Jay Schultz
Concessions:                        Ginny Nye, Lorrie Toomey
Equipment Managers:   Glenn Benvie, Norm Azzer
EMT's:                                      Paula Brennan, Kara Rintala, Robert Rynes
Camera crew:                      Ed Nye Jr, Lee Chrisitie, Scott Obreza
Announcers:                      Al Kaplan & Ted Terban
Statistician:                         Kevin Bruning
Game Coordinators        Richie Toomey & Cheryl Mahoney
Ticket Sales:                        Ed Conley, Bill Conley, Russ Holmes, Nellie Holmes
Marketing Director:       Clyde Ruprecht


1990 Media coverage of the Randolph Oilers:
"Randolph Oilers Win First EFL Championship"
(Boston Globe. October 14, 1990)

"Randolph Oilers Rank 4th in National 1990 AFA Semi-Pro Football Rankings"
(November 1, 1990. American Football Association press release)

"4 Randolph Oilers named to AFA Semi-Pro Football 1990 All-American Team"
(November 19, 1990. American Football Association press release)

"1990 Randolph Oilers Season Preview"
(Press release. July 1990)

Schedule, Roster, & 1990 Yearbook, etc:

Click here for the 1990 Randolph Oilers' Roster.
Click here for the 1990 Randolph Oilers' Schedule.
Click here for the 1990 Randolph Oiler Yearbook.
Click here for the 1990 EFL Program.
Click here for the 1990 EFL Schedule.
Click here for full 1990 Randolph Oiler Stats.
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Coming soon:  video highlight show from the 1990 season 

**** For profiles on some of the key contributors from the 1990 season, please visit the "Former Oiler Players: 1984-1993" page (click here) - some of the players currently profiled from this squad include:
Bubba "No One Meanna Pina, Arthur Cohen, Jay McGee, Leo Cooney, Mike Waithe, Jon Gates, Bill Turner, Ron Cassford, Ed Penn, Tom Kirlis, etc.

Team Photos:

Front Row (from L to R):  Mike Waithe, Jay McGee, Bobby Witt, Sean Crowley, Tommy Evans, Fred Morse
Back Row (from L to R):  Tom Evans, Kevin Harding, Rich Foster, Mark Harding, Ricky Witt, Dave McEachern, Kevin Trundley, John Piuna, Tery Brnach

Front Row (from L to R):   Jack Mitchell, Norm Eliason, Ron Cassford, Jerome Penn 
Back Row (from L to R):  Ed Penn (player/coach), John Bougher, George Fopiano, Kirk Curcuru, Jim Clifford, Tony Monaco  
Front Row (from L to R):   Fred Morse,   Shawn Dias, Brett Cohen, Kevin Harding, Dave Adams, Tom Kirlis, Artie Cohen, Mike O'Brien, Bubba Pina
Back Row (from L to R):   Lester Pina, Dan Asack, Bobby Burr, Pat Harte, Billy Turner, Rich Lacarra, Paul MacDonald

Championship Game:

Click here for vi
deo from the Championship Game celebration and post games interviews.
Click here for stats from the Championship Game.
Click here for video of the half-time entertainment at the Championship Game.







 Stats from the Championship Game:


1990 Season Photos:













Championship Celebration Photos:




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