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Recent News:

Former Oiler Player Coach Lock seriously injured in car crash 

Please join the Oilers in sending their thoughts and prayers to Coach Lock as he continues his recovery from an extremely serious car accident that occurred in December 2016. 

Coach Lock is an integral member of the Oiler family from his time as both an intimidating linebacker and an even longer time as a defensive coach. It is with no exaggeration to say that Coach Lock is loved and respected by each and every one of his teammates and players he coached. 

If you'd like to personally reach out to Coach Lock, please contact Peter O'Kane directly for Coach Lock's hospital info.

Get well soon Coach Lock!


Charity Game Double-header to benefit Coach Lock and honor Peter O'Kane

Please join the New England football community for the "Al Lockhart Double-header" on Saturday June 17th.

In the 1st game, the Boston Bandits will play the Quincy Milita in the "Odin Lloyd Bowl" in memory of Odin Lloyd.

The 2nd game will be the "Peter O'Kane Bowl", featuring the Mass Fury from the EFL and the Connecticut Bearcats from the NEFL in recognizing the decades of contributions Oiler owner Peter O'Kane made to New England football.

Please join us for a great night of football and for a great cause!

Randolph High School

The 1st game kicks off at 4:00, the 2nd game kicks off at 7:00, and tickets are only $10.

Please CLICK HERE for more photos from the game.



Oilers 4 Life

Special thanks to Baker Studios

The Randolph Oilers are fortunate and thankful to have Henry Baker, the owner of Baker Studios, as our official photographer. Henry is one of the best photographers in New England and has been taking action photos and the team picture for the Oilers since 2007. Thanks Henry!!!!

click here to visit Henry's website.

Thanks to the Town of Randolph, and the $3,000,000 they invested in the new field and stands, the Oilers' home field is perhaps the best in the EFL.

Sending the V out in Style

In December 2016 the Randolph VFW announced it would be closing its doors for good at year end. For decades The V had been the Oilers off-field home. We celebrated victories there, got over losses there, had holiday parties, meetings, and basically any other excuse we could come up with to get together for an always festive night.

So on December 10, 2016 the Oilers gathered one final time at The V to send it off in style. And by timing the get-together with Coach Penn's birthday, we had even more reason to gather and reminisce over all the good times the Oilers have together and at The V.

Please CLICK HERE for pictures from a very fun (and late) evening).

Please CLICK HERE for pictures from the V over the years.

Deepest condolences to the family of Michael Ray

The Randolph Oilers would like to send their deepest condolences to the family of former Oiler Michael Ray. Sadly, Michael passed away earlier this week, far too young.

Michel was a loving husband to his wife Kelly, and adoring father to his daughter Chelsea.

Michael was a great Oiler, with a true passion and love for football. He was loved and respected by his teammates and the entire Oiler family.

RIP Michael, you will be missed.


The funeral for Michael will be next Friday, June 23rd at 9:00, 
Holy Trinity Church in Fall River. 951 Stafford Rd. 
 All of Michael's former teammates and friends are invited to attend.

Please join the entire Oiler family in sending Michael's wife Kelly and daughter Chelsea, and his sister Nadine Baker, and the entire Ray family our love and support and heartfelt prayers in this time of sadness.

Rest in peace.

Current Status of Team:

January 2015

It is with sad regret that Peter and Marge O’Kane wish to inform you that after 41 consecutive seasons unfortunately the Oilers will not be fielding a team for the 2015 season.

The O'Kanes greatly appreciate the loyalty and commitment of all the current and former players who suited up for the Oilers over the 4+ decades. Oiler squads have always played with great heart and determination and the O’Kanes are thankful for the class and competiveness with which Oiler players have always represented the Blue and Gold.

The O’Kanes would also like to thank all the tremendously dedicated coaches and volunteers that have helped make the last 41 years possible. Without you none of this could have been possible.

They would also like to thank the Town of Randolph, the School System, the Police Department, the Fire Department, all of our incredibly loyal fans, and the community which has been so loyal with its’ support.

Even though there won't be an Oiler squad this season---- one things stays true—“O4L”- Oilers 4 Life.

Thank you.


Peter O'Kane Appreciation Night

On February 5th 2016 hundreds gathered to show their love, appreciation, and respect for Peter O'Kane in what was truly a special night.

For over 40 years Peter O'Kane selflessly contributed to the community by overseeing, with his wife Marge, the Randolph Oilers. 

The Oilers gave hundreds and hundreds of young men the chance to play football in a competitive environment. The Oilers were an integral part of the Randolph community.  Families would spend summer nights cheering on their local team as they battled other teams from throughout the EFL.  Thousands of bonds and friendships were formed amongst the players, coaches, fans, families, sponsors, volunteers, etc. 

The Oilers truly were a family and an incredibly unique organization. The players saying is "O4L- Oilers for life" which is indicative of the way Peter and Marge constantly welcomed new members to the Oilers family, and how a special bond would form between the players and team.

And on 2/5/16 the hundreds who attended were able to at least scratch the surface in showing Peter and Marge how much we appreciate everything they have done for each and every one of us and how much they have touched us with their generosity, love, classiness, and loyalty.

Peter & Marge -- WE THANK YOU!!!

Please CLICK HERE for pictures from this special occasion.



The Randolph Oilers would like to thank all of their fans, players, coaches, volunteers, and family members for 40+ great years of football!

Peter O’Kane, Owner: (617) 922-3275

CLICK HERE for our Recruiting Flyer.


With over 40 years of history the Oilers are an organization full of tradition. One of those traditions was participating in the Town of Randolph's annual 4th of July Parade.  Click here for more details and other Oiler traditions.


Donation made to Wounded Warriors Fund

Prior to the start of Opening Night, Mike Wright was awarded the 2012 Randolph Oiler/Buddy Thompson Commitment Award. On behalf of Mike, a donation was made to the Wounded Warriors Fund. Accepting the donation on behalf of the Wounded Warriors Fund was Oiler legend and current Randolph Fire Fighter Ron Cassford.

And special thanks to Schutt Sports for generously donating one of their state-of-the-art helmets which was included as part of the award. (If you haven't tried Schutt helmets, shoulder pads, etc, you should definitely check them out. They are far and away THE best in the market).

Please click here for more information on the Wounded Warriors fund, an extremely worthy charity that supports our returning troops who were injured in battle.

And please click here for more details and pictures of Mike's award acceptance, and please click here for more details on the annual Commitment award and it's history.




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